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I have always been drawn to the design and creativity of a time past, whether clothing, furniture or music. Perhaps, because those times allowed for a slower pace, that allowed for a more methodical path to expression. And creativity. 

Whatever the reason, timeless magic came out of the creative mind...

Not all the pieces in this collection are reminiscent of that time, however. Some are simply pieces I found while foraging through thrift and vintage stores that spoke to me and that I trust will speak to you as well. 

"I don't think outside of the box. I think of what I can do with the box..."


My intention is to be remembered for how I make you feel... by what I say and how I show up. My personal creed always: honor the moment. That's why I get Dressed Up.

In this collection I have replicated the same intention for you.



I continue to do my very best to bring you new and incredibly beautiful pieces in a timely manner. 
Please bear with me as I navigate the restrictions and delays caused by the pandemic.
As I receive them I will share them with you.

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