About Dressed Up

A Specialty Dress Shoppe

My passion for dresses spawned from my overall love of fashion. I have been in the fashion industry for many years - initially as a model and avid consumer - and now I hope in some small way, an influencer. To determine whether my passion inspired my career or my career birthed my passion is impossible. However, what is indisputable is that it exists. I have used both my passion and my access to influence decisions that have led me to this juncture. My experiences in the fashion and New York’s unparalleled nightlife, hospitality and event industries have laid the foundation necessary for a venture such as Dressed Up.
Dressed Up, a retail shoppe offering women’s dresses (exclusively), will satisfy a need on two integral fronts in both the fashion and social justice arenas. Because of its exclusivity to just dresses, it will remove the guess-work for the consumer. Its specialization in and exclusivity to dresses afford me the singularity of purpose thus maximizing focus. Additionally, Dressed Up allows me an arena to satisfy an intent that is dear to my heart. As a domestic abuse survivor it has been my mission, in ways little and large, to support other survivors. Through my blog and other social media platforms I encourage (and sometimes, provoke) conversations aimed at addressing those topics that unmask social epidemics and that through  attention, exposure and intent, move closer to healing and eradication. So, via the platform afforded me by Dressed Up, I have formed a 501c3. reDressed is a non-profit geared toward providing - free of charge - dresses and other clothing to domestic abuse survivors. To that end, we have partnered with the DV agencies and safe houses in Essex County. It is the board's intention to extend our reach throughout the state of NJ and eventually, beyond.
Listen. There is an inter-connectivity to life that, should we challenge ourselves with being in tune with its vibrations and revelations, will unfold as being the bits and pieces of an evolutionary masterplan. And, it is only in the moment of acknowledging that nothing, absolutely nothing, occurs by happenstance and that the Universe has already conspired with our energy to manifest our destiny that we arrive at just the right instance of fruition. And magic. Beauties, the sum total of our experiences have led us to this precise moment and for its celebration, it is my intention for all of us to get fabulously Dressed Up!


About Fury

Prior to calling New Jersey home, Fury lived and worked in New York City.
Since emigrating from Trinidad thirty years ago, she has split her professional time between modeling and working in both the financial and hospitality industries. Fury now adds grad student (MSW), blogger, entrepreneur and advocate to her list of accomplishments.
Of all the titles she has ever held, however, what she will always be most proud of are the titles partner, mother and survivor.